Cozy Blanket Scarf + 4 Things About Me

Sharing one of my favorite winter accessories (ahem, blanket scarves!) and a few random facts you probably don’t know about me! Hint: one of them involves getting tased!

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Laura Swan Sieckman

One good thing about living in the Midwest is you do get seasons! Although the winter variety isn’t my favorite, it still is a fun opportunity to play with lots of layers. Lately, my favorite layer has been a big cozy blanket scarf! Since they are on the larger side (hence the blanket term), you can wear them in so many ways, and they not only keep you warm, but work as an accessory to your outfit! The one I’m wearing in this post can be found here. I own a couple different ones that I rotate between, and I’ll probably be adding more to my closet! You can wrap or drape them around your neck, use them as a shawl, and more!

Laura Swan Sieckman Casual Style
Laura Swan Sieckman Casual Style

On a completely unrelated note, I thought I’d share a few random facts about myself so that you can get to know me a little better! I’m guessing most of you don’t know these, but if you do, points for you! Haha.

I’ve been Tased and Pepper Sprayed.
Well, the technical term is actually OC’d (oleoresin capsicum) and not pepper sprayed, but I don’t think most people would know what the heck I was saying if I didn’t say pepper spray. Despite what you might be thinking, NO - this wasn’t the result of a wild night in college. I used to be a police officer in a Chicago suburb! As part of our training, we were exposed to both OC and a really nice 5-second taser ride. Getting tased was one of the most painful things ever (I feel like I was awkwardly aware of where each organ was in my body suddenly and could feel them bouncing against the front and back of me), but I’d still do it again over getting sprayed. OC is one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced! Behave - you don’t want to add either of these to your list.

I’m a distant relative of Samuel F.B. Morse.
If you don’t immediately know the reference, he developed the telegraph and Morse Code! Sadly, I don’t know Morse code well at all, and was reminded of that when it was part of a recent escape room we did, haha! I think it’d be cool to get a tattoo involving some sort of Morse Code someday, though. I’ll be checking, double-checking, and triple-checking that one before it goes on!

I got Scarlet Fever my senior year of college.
Yep, you know, that terrible disease that kids in like the 18th century died of? Apparently its a strain of Strep that goes undetected until BAM - Scarlet Fever. The ER doctor burst out laughing when he asked to see my tongue (which was bright red - a trademark characteristic of the illness) and said he’d only heard of it in medical school and had never actually seen it. Super glad I could be that in-person example for him! * rolls eyes * For the next two weeks (during my finals week, mind you) I had a fever, body aches, and the WORST red rash all over me that kept me up at night and made me look like a leper at work. NO FUN!

I spent an entire Backstreet Boys concert sitting next to Aaron Carter.
My senior year of college, my girlfriends and I got free tickets to a Backstreet Boys concert and ended up front row! We spotted Aaron Carter (Nick Carter’s brother) sitting along the left side of the stage. A few minutes into the show, a bodyguard comes up to me and says, “Aaron would like to know if you want to sit with him.” My girlfriends told me to GO! and I sat with the band members’ friends and family the whole time! Aaron held my hand the whole concert and gave me details about the songs and rehearsals hahaha. My friends made sure I was super embarrassed about it for the weeks to come and called me Mrs. Carter in public whenever possible.

Laura Swan Sieckman

Hope you enjoyed getting to know some random things about me, and be sure to check out my outfit details here! Share something random about yourself in the comments below so I can get to know YOU!

XOX Laura