GGJ One-Day Juice Cleanse

With summer and pool season fast approaching, who wouldn't want to feel a little better in a swimsuit? I wanted to do a cleanse to help me reset and detox my body after a LONG Chicago-style winter (seriously - it snowed in May), so I looked to Green Gypsy Juice in Geneva for a healthy solution.

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GGJ Juice Cleans with Bolt

Surprisingly, I hadn’t done a full-day juice cleanse before this one. I juice at home pretty frequently and have played around with supplementing a few juices throughout the day, but I wasn’t choosing ingredients and sequencing juices in a structured way that would allow me to reap the benefits of a true detox. Enter Green Gypsy Juice’s One Day Juice Cleanse! Owner Chelsey Lutz is a juicing pro and always makes the most delicious and healthful concoctions, so I opted to do this cleanse as my first. I also trusted that this cleanse would be FRESH since Chesley makes the juices right before you pick them up!

GGJ Cleanse Bottles

You should absolutely think ahead in your schedule to find a day that will work best for your cleanse. If you have a super stressful day at work, have a long training run for an upcoming race, or have company coming over, it might not be the best time to try it out for the first time. Choose an easier day with a flexible schedule. HOWEVER, having done this cleanse twice now, I can say that the second time I was on-the-go, packed my juices in a cooler, and had zero problem doing the cleanse. Just choose what is best for you!

The day of my first cleanse, I woke up feeling hungry but resisted the urge to make my usual egg white-avocado-sriracha toast. Instead, I chugged some water and jumped on the treadmill to bust out 3 miles of fasted cardio. I figured as the day went on I’d only get hungrier, so I opted to knock out a workout right away. Afterwards, I hit the shower and then headed down to pick up my juices from Chelsey. She puts your first juice of the day in a to-go cup, and has numbered glass bottles containing your other juices in a recycled cardboard 6-pack for you to take with you. I decided ahead of time how often I was going to consume a juice, and included my timeline below, but again, do what works for YOU!

GGJ with Lemon

First Juice of the Day - Green Gypsy Grapefruit – 8:00AM
Kick-starts your metabolism, floods the body with green nutrients, and hydrates to begin the cleansing process.

I was so excited to see this pretty little juice! Not only was I starting to get hungry, but I get the Green Gypsy with Lemon often, so I knew what to expect – deliciousness. I started sipping on this juice in the car on my way home with the rest of my bottles and had it finished by the time I walked in the door. It’s the perfect blend of kale, romaine, apple, cucumber, ginger, and grapefruit (although I prefer lemon over grapefruit).

GGJ Kick Ass

Second Juice of the Day - Kick A$$ - 10:15AM
This is going to give you some mid-morning energy, get your blood circulating, and fight inflammation/infection in your body.

This juice truly did give me a ton of energy! I felt super awake and alert throughout the morning and was able to focus on my work. The blend of carrot, apple, pineapple, and turmeric was delicious. Honestly though, at this point I started to think about solid foods and almost stood up a couple times to grab something before reminding myself that wasn’t happening today!

GGJ Spicy Lemonade

Third Juice of the Day – Spicy Lemonade – 12:30PM
Aids in digestion, creates an internal burn throughout your organs, and primes you for detox.

This combination of lemon, maple syrup, cayenne, and filtered water definitely had some kick! I was feeling kind of hungry up until this juice, but this seemed to start to fill me up as I sipped it over an hour or so. My energy level was still high at this point and I was in a surprisingly great mood for not having any food this day! I like spicy, so this juice worked for me. However, if you are super sensitive to this, it might not be the best for you.

GGJ Killa

Fourth Juice of the Day – Killa – 2:45PM
It's detox time! This juice will cleanse your blood and colon, as well as your liver and kidneys.

Beet, carrot, celery, apple kale, lemon, and ginger round out juice number four. I haven't juiced with beet really, so I was a little apprehensive how it was going to taste. Short answer? Delicious! My solid food cravings were pretty much gone at this point and this juice took me a little longer to sip, only because I was feeling pretty full! Chelsey explained after juices three and four is the most likely time to have a bowl movement. But, without being TMI, I'll say that being near a bathroom wasn't a priority for me throughout the cleanse - which I could see being a worry for many people! We are all different, but nothing crazy happened to MY body throughout the day.

GGJ Jaded Jungle

Fifth Juice of the Day - Jaded Jungle – 5PM
All veggies, this juice floods the body with chlorophyll and nutrients, and calms the mind and body after some intense cleansing. 

This cucumber, carrot, celery, kale, and cilantro combo was enjoyed while I was taking an Epsom salt bath, so the calm factor was definitely ON! Again, I was still totally full, so I took my time drinking this one.

GGJ Cashew Milk

Sixth Juice of the Day - Cashew Milk – 7:15PM
Coats your stomach with protein before bed, recovers the body, and is high in vitamins and minerals to help you sleep!

Raw cashews, maple syrup, vanilla, cinnamon, and filtered water make up your final juice of the day! You'll want to drink this at least 2 hours before bed, so I swapped out my nightly wine for this juice in front of the TV and caught up on a couple shows with the hubby. It kind of reminded me of an iced chai latte!

GGJ Laura Swan Sieckman

This cleanse was incredibly refreshing and detoxifying for my body, and I personally saw a 3.5lb difference (loss) on the scale the morning after. Having done the one-day cleanse on two separate occasions, I'd love to try a three-day Green Gypsy Juice cleanse next. I think this summer will be a great time to give it a try! Have you tried this cleanse? Let me know your thoughts!

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