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Green Envee offers high-quality, organic essential oils, skincare products, and educational workshops in the heart of Geneva's Third Street.

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I’ve noticed the Green Envee storefront on Geneva’s famed Third Street for months now, but it wasn’t until beginning my practice at Yellow Aura Yoga that I had the opportunity to use their products. Yellow Aura Yoga Owner Heather Kellogg often uses their line of essential oils in class and stocks some of their other products in her studio lobby. After a few uses, I was definitely intrigued and knew I had to learn more!

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Bridget Peterson of Green Envee to chat a little bit more about the company and let me tell you – I had a BLAST! We clicked immediately and dove into how the company came to be!

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I think some of the best moments, ideas, and businesses come from being faced with a problem. When there is something near and dear to you to overcome, you’ll find a way! For co-founder Tim Kundinger, this was definitely the case. Tim, who is part Vietnamese, grew up on a farm in Northern Wisconsin with a family that used a lot of Eastern medicine. He had a front lines education in using herbal teas, alternative practices, etc. to treat a variety of day-to-day health issues. So, when his third daughter suffered from terrible skin conditions as a baby and doctors struggled to get it under control, he knew he had to apply some of his knowledge and upbringing to the situation.

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Tim spent the next six months continuing his education in herbal medicine through research, connecting with a Taoist priest, and reaching out to cosmetic chemists overseas. In the end, he was able to create a formula for a cream with a blend of essential oils that completely transformed his daughter’s skin and life. Spoiler alert – this turned into Green Envee’s very first product, which they still carry today!

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Then, when Tim’s wife experienced extreme nausea while pregnant with their fourth child, Tim again applied this knowledge to create a blend of rosemary and peppermint essential oils. This helped her immensely, and this was later known to be the “refresh” blend you’ll see on their product list. Bridget told me that Tim often jokes that every product they’ve created is truly “kid tested and mom approved!”

Tim connected with his cousin, Bob Weiss, who had the same upbringing and appreciation for Eastern Medicine. With Bob’s background in Chemistry, the two were able to work together to create additional products and began selling them at craft shows on the weekends. During this time, both cousins had other full-time jobs and drove long distances each weekend to meet and continue to grow the brand. They knew there was a need for the products they had created!

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When Tim’s wife finished her nursing degree, she sat him down, thanked him for letting her realize her dream, and told him to go pursue his. The next day, Tim quit his job at the HVAC company he worked for and spent the next two years building the Frankfort-based company with Bob, distributing products to hotels, spas, and studios all over the country (you can find a full list of vendors on their site!) and sharing their mission. All of their ingredients are fresh, organic, and grown in their natural environments, are sustainably harvested, undergo rigorous testing for purity and quality, and responsibly packaged in biodegradable and recyclable materials.

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Over time, Tim and Bob decided they wanted more control over how their products were displayed to the public and a better opportunity to educate customers in person. Because of this, they began looking for a spot for a brick and mortar retail arm. As Bridget tells me, they wanted a “hand-holding community” – a cozy town where people go out to eat and stroll by shops holding hands. They found this in charming downtown Geneva and opened their pilot retail store in August 2016.

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Now, if you are new to essential oils or don’t currently have a skincare routine, I can understand how you might think that it would be intimidating to visit Green Envee. Let me tell you, though – you are wrong! From the moment I walked into the bright, earthy store, I felt totally at ease. The staff is incredibly warm and is focused on listening to and educating each customer individually. They want the novice user to feel comfortable asking questions and to help you understand what you need. You might be the person that stops in because you like the smell of essential oils only, and that’s okay! From there, you can learn about other medicinal and holistic ways of incorporating them into your life and skincare little by little.

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During my visit I spoke with one of their talented Estheticians, Amy, about my skin and loved the feedback she gave me about my routine. I also completed their Chakra Discovery Intake form, which helped me identify imbalances in my life that I may be experiencing. Each Chakra is associated with an element (earth, fire, wind, etc.) and is stimulated by certain essential oils. This helped point me in the right direction of which essential oils would benefit me the most! Don’t forget to take advantage of their complimentary skin analysis, also. This computer-based screening can be done with your makeup on and gives you a better look at any sun damage or pigment issues you might be experiencing in only a few minutes. Be sure to pick up a Toxic Nix It List while you are there or find it on their website.

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Green Envee also offers workshops each month that focus on prevention, repair, and maintenance of your skin and body. From using essential oils in your home cleaning routine to creating a custom clay mask, there are plenty of opportunities to learn! Interested in setting up a private event? The staff is incredibly flexible with designing a workshop that is perfect for your group, AND they are incredibly affordable! During your event you can bring your own champagne, enjoy complimentary rose-infused anti-inflammatory tea, and shop with a discount, too.

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At the end of my visit, I walked out of the store a total believer, a forever customer, and with a bag of products in my hand! Here’s what I took home and what I’ve been using:

Pumpkin Glycolic Peel – This product contains 3% Glycolic Acid and is very stimulating – so a little goes a long way! It digests oil and debris in your pores (thereby refining them) and promotes cell turnover. Without this, other products won’t penetrate your skin. I use this once or twice a week and leave it on for about ten minutes. It smells and feels incredible!

Potent C Superfood Masque – This age-preventing mask contains a powerful blend of spinach and kale that oxygenates your skin and evens your tone. It is very soothing and refreshing. I also use this once or twice a week!

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Soothe Herbal Cleansing Cream – I use this daily to remove makeup, balance my skin’s pH levels, and prevent free-radical damage. It smells great and leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean!

Glow C+ Brightening Serum – This is hands down my favorite product so far! It tones, brightens, lightens, and tightens! I have some sun damage and hyperpigmentation spots on my face that I’ve felt self-conscious about and they are absolutely beginning to disappear. I have a more even skin tone and illuminated look, and a few of my finer lines aren’t as noticeable to me. We are our own worst critic, so if I even notice it – it’s happening! I use this once to twice each day.

Protect Antioxidant Moisturizer – I put this on over the Glow C+ Serum and it leaves my usually dry skin feeling very smooth and hydrated! It is packed with powerful antioxidants and also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I use this twice a day!

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Quick tip – after using high quality products like Green Envee, you’ll notice that using cheap, chemical-infused products will make your skin react and break out! We’ll sometimes get out of our various routines when we travel and end up purchasing lower-quality travel-sized items to take with us. Instead, ask for a couple of sample containers when you’re at the store and pack the perfect amount of Green Envee product to take with you!

Next up on my list is to invest in the H.A Collagen Serum (did you know that after the age of 30 you start losing approximately 1% of collagen a year?!) and continue to build my essential oil knowledge and collection for use. I think my home is going to start looking like Green Envee soon! Right, Bridget?!

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I’ll continue to share more details about these products on social media and in my stories, so be sure to follow me! Jump on the Green Envee website to learn more and plan your visit to their store. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

XOX Laura

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