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Fun, fresh, and totally delicious Green Gypsy Juice brings a whole new level of healthy to Geneva.

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I really love it when I meet badass business women, and Chelsey Lutz - owner of Green Gypsy Juice in Geneva - is exactly that. Not only has she blasted onto the Third Street District with a booming business, but she is incredibly grounded, fun- loving, and the girl you just want to know!

I met with Chelsey on a perfect fall day at the Green Gypsy Juice window (inside Moveable Feast on Franklin Street). We had previously only spoken on the phone and through email, so we had plenty of chatting to do to get to know each other. I quickly learned that Chelsey grew up in nearby Batavia and actually worked at Moveable Feast for about 3 years throughout high school. In fact, another girl she worked with at the time is now the owner of the popular niche food spot! Isn’t it funny how life can be full circle sometimes?

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College came, and she eventually found herself parked in Portland, Oregon with her first big-girl job. She worked for several years with a major sports marketing firm on events such as the Super Bowl, Pebble Beach, and the Final Four, but eventually became burnt out. In her words, she “was just over it!” and knew in her heart she wanted to pursue more of a passion project.

Chelsey explained that she basically grew up juicing. Her mom juiced for the family when she was young, and it became a passion for Chelsey as she grew older. Truly believing in the health benefits of fresh juice, Chelsey frequented juice bars wherever she traveled.  It was during a visit to a friend’s juice bar in Dallas, TX that she realized this might be something she could also do – one day. At the time she was still working in sports marketing, so she put it in the back of her head as an idea for the future. When the time came for a change of pace and a break from her hectic lifestyle, Chelsey immediately though of opening her own juice bar.

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Initially, Chelsey considered joining the popular food-truck scene in Portland in an old-school-ice-cream-truck-turned-juice-truck of her own, but realized that everyone she was connected to was back home in the Fox Valley. She had been gone for years, and decided moving back was what she truly wanted. So, Chelsey picked up and carried her business idea for a juice bar with her to the Midwest.

Upon her return, Chelsey set out to develop her plan. She wanted to do something unique that was totally her own, but didn’t want to necessarily reinvent the wheel. She reconnected with her contacts at Moveable Feast, and saw the opportunity to move her idea into an unused space within the store. The “window” she is at was originally a closed-off door that led to a butler’s pantry. It was opened up at one point, but never fully utilized. Plus, she shares a similar, health-conscious clientele with Moveable Feast. It wasn’t long before Chelsey was making her mark on the space and preparing it for Green Gypsy Juice’s launch.

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It took about 6 months of hard work and preparation, but Green Gypsy Juice officially opened its doors (or window) in January of 2016 and quickly took off! Chelsey says she knows a lot of people in the area and everyone was very supportive of her opening, which allowed her to have a consistent following from the start. Opening a business is all trial and error though, and she says that until you get elbows deep in the work, you don’t realize what is actually happening. You have to roll with the punches with a smile on your face, and if you provide a great product and a great experience, then you will have a great business. Preach, sister!

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Chelsey’s juices are all her own recipes (she aims to keep sugars low in all of them), and her savvy marketing mind came up with fun names for each of her feature drinks. During my visit I chose the classic “Green Gypsy” with lemon as my citrus, and also picked up two of her most popular shots, located in the coolers by the window. “Power Shot” has chlorophyll, lemon and cayenne, while her “24 Karat Shot” features orange, lemon, ginger, and turmeric.

Green Gypsy Cleanse

Chelsey also features 1-day, 3-day, and 5-day juice cleanses. For the 3 and 5-day cleanses, your juices can be picked up in glass bottles each morning when she opens. Bring all your bottles back and you get a discount – reduce, reuse, recycle! She also plans to do holiday cleanse gift cards for those who need a fun gift idea for their health-fanatic family and friends.

What else is on the horizon for Green Gypsy Juice? For now, new ready-to-blend smoothies have just launched alongside new apparel, but Chelsey also hopes to open a second location in the future. Yes, please!

Green Gypsy with Lemon

Definitely head over to Green Gypsy Juice and visit Chelsey! You’ll score the benefits of juicing without having to take the time to shop for fresh, locally sourced ingredients and locking yourself away in the kitchen. Plus, it’s just blocks away from the Geneva Metra stop, so it’s a great option in the morning on your way to work! Want an easy way to order? Order online or through the store's app!


321 Franklin Street, Geneva, IL 60134
(Inside Moveable Feast)


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