The One Salon and Bridal Company

Ami Christianson’s St. Charles salon is a unique, charming location for all of your beauty needs!

One Salon and Bridal Company

If you haven't been here yet (you need to go!), you'll find The One Salon and Bridal Company located just west of downtown St. Charles in a charming building right on Main Street. The salon’s long driveway leads to a rear lot, making it easy to park your car before heading in to your appointment.

My appointment was a little different this particular Friday, as I wasn’t changing my hair color or getting my nails done. Rather, I was there to chat with salon owner Ami Christianson during her lunch break about how her business came to be. The One Salon and Bridal Company was my go-to choice when scheduling hair and make up for my bridal party, and after my excellent trial I knew I had to learn more about this local spot!

One Salon Sign
One Salon Porch

As I approached the front door of the business, I had to stop and grab a photo of one of the colorful flower pots that decorated the cute front porch. Actually, I was quietly wishing I could keep something like this alive at my own house. Ryan calls me the “mum killer” every Fall, ha!

One Salon Lounge

Once inside, I was greeted by a stylist who invited me sit in their waiting area while she let Ami know I had arrived. I thanked her, sat down on a comfy leather couch in front of a styled fireplace, and let my eyes bounce around the room. There were fun splashes of teal color decorating the space and upbeat, chill music was playing throughout. I heard the laughter of a bride and her bridesmaids getting all done-up in one of the rooms, and observed a customer joking with her stylist as she was leaving. The salon had a great energy about it, and I loved the charm of the vintage home the business was set in.

One Salon Trunk

Ami came up front to meet me and eagerly invited me to her private styling room to chat, where she had her adorable new puppy tucked away in his crate. I knew we were going to get along just fine when I also noticed the wine cabinet she had stylishly incorporated into the room. A confident, successful business woman who loves dogs and wine? Yep, she’s awesome. Let’s be friends.

One Salon Wall Quote

Ami said she began her cosmetology career in Madison, WI and initially focused on hair and makeup for television and film projects. She also held her real estate license, which proved to be extremely useful when she made the decision to open her own 9,000 square foot salon and customize it with styling stations, beauty services, tanning, and a drive thru coffee option. Sounds to me like it was everything a girl would need!

Ami loved her business, but admitted it was difficult managing so many people at once. Craving a change of pace and scenery after a few years, she migrated to Illinois in 1999 and settled into the Fox Valley area. She initially took a position with ULTA, but it wasn’t long before she transitioned to John Christian Salon in Geneva. Here she built a strong local clientele base over the next two years with her experience in organic hair color, hair extensions, and airbrush makeup.

One Salon Foundation

Ami didn’t feel completely content, though, and realized she flourished the most when she had a salon of her own. The savvy businesswoman set to work and soon launched The One Salon and Bridal Company at a location in Geneva. The business grew quickly (they now have 14 staff onsite!) and Ami relocated the salon to its current location in St. Charles in 2009. She set out to keep the vintage feel when remodeling the 2-story space, but adds trendy, modern pieces as décor throughout. Each stylist has their own designated spot in the converted home, and the salon offers hair, makeup, tanning, waxing, facials, and lash services to their clientele!

One Salon Stylist Chairs

Bridal services are also incredibly popular. The One Salon and Bridal Company is featured on many of the popular wedding sites including The Knot, Wedding Wire, etc., and they receive a lot of referrals from other wedding vendors in the area. If you or someone you know is getting married soon, you should definitely check out their bridal packages! I've been completely impressed with their professionalism and service for mine.

One Salon Blush
One Salon Products

By the end of our conversation, Ami and I decided we had very similar personalities - both Type A and always busy with something! I'll take that as a compliment, because she's built a great local business that has a slew of loyal, satisfied customers. 

Does all this beauty talk make you feel like you need a change in your style? Give them a call to make an appointment! I hope your experience is as great as mine. 

930 W Main Street, St. Charles


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