The Perfect Savannah Itinerary

Planning a trip to Savannah, GA? Here’s your perfect 4-day Itinerary! Ryan and I fell in love with Savannah during our visit, and I can’t wait to share how we spent our time!

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LSS Savannah Square Statue


After arriving at Savannah’s airport (which is super cute and easy to navigate), scoop up your bags (all you need is a carry on for this trip!) and pull up your UBER app – it’ll be the easiest way to make the quick 15-minute drive to the downtown and only cost us about $25. Drop your bags at your hotel (we stayed at the TRYP by Wyndham Savannah) and freshen up – you’ll want to go explore! Our hotel’s location was on the southwestern edge of the downtown, but still walkable to everything. Our room was stylish and clean, they had a fitness center onsite, and complimentary WIFI! 

LSS TRYP by Wyndham Savannah
LSS TRYP by Wyndham Savannah

Next, head to the nearest trolley stop! It runs frequently and there are stops conveniently located all over the city, so you can jump on and off as you please. You can ride the trolley throughout most of the loop to see some sights, hear a bit of history, and get they lay of the land. The downtown is very walkable, so once you have your bearings, you can set out on foot! 

 Before dinner, we stopped at Alley Cat Lounge for some amazing cocktails. Note: the entrance to this lower level spot is off the alley, not on the main street like the map on your phone might tell you. You’ll step down in to a cool, brick-lined space with bar seating, tables, and unique booths. Their drink menu is actually a full newspaper, and every drink we tried was phenomenal. Order the Mexican Firing Squad – it is a tequila and vodka drink that is most definitely in my personal top three of best cocktails I’ve ever had! 

LSS Alley Cat Lounge Savannah

For dinner, nearby Chive Sea Bar is a must! You’ll love their vibe (including the old movies playing on TVs) and the menu has something for everyone. We found that many restaurants in Savannah don’t accept reservations, so make sure to adjust for that throughout your trip. Most of the tables were full when we arrived, so we opted to sit at the sleek bar. We ordered Calamari as an appetizer, and for entrees, I ordered the Scallops (SO good) and Ryan devoured the Chilean Sea Bass. After dinner we transitioned the rest of our drinks into a to-go cup (you can walk around with a cocktail in an approved cup in downtown Savannah) and enjoyed the walk back to our hotel. 

LSS Chive Sea Bar Savannah
LSS Chive Sea Bar Savannah
LSS Savannah Square at Night


The next morning was easy going. We snagged a light breakfast and did some work at Savannah Coffee Roasters (this place was the CUTEST!) and we both fit in a workout at our hotel’s fitness center.  Then, we met up with our tour guide from Savannah Taste Experience for a lunchtime culinary adventure!

LSS Savannah Coffee Roasters
LSS Savannah Coffee Roasters

 We started with flank steak and history at East End Provisions, then headed over to the stunning Cha Bella. I fell in love with the ambiance at this spot! If you are looking for a romantic restaurant for dinner, this is it! Everything on the menu is incredibly fresh (they don’t have any freezers, reheating, etc. onsite) and our tasting was delicious. Don’t forget to take a picture on their giant swings!

LSS East End Provisions
LSS Cha Bella Tasting
LSS Cha Bella Savannah
LSS Cha Bella Savannah

  Afterwards, we strolled through a few squares before heading to get the famous Conquistador Sandwich from Zunzi’s! The sauce on this sandwich is SO good – I’ll be ordering some online to have on hand at home. We grabbed a PBR to-go and walked over to The Diplomat, where we tried another refreshing sandwich. Throughout the tour, our guide Dan kept us all laughing and shared so many great facts and stories about the city. We wrapped up the tour with Chicken + Waffles at Edgar’s Proof + Provision and Butter Pecan Ice Cream at Leopold’s. It was a blast!

LSS Zunzis Savannah
LSS Zunzis Savannah PBR
LSS The Diplomat Savannah
LSS Leopold's Savannah

We were pretty full after our tour, so we decided to walk it off a bit by visiting River Street. There are lots of shops, boutique hotels, tours, bars, and restaurants along this stretch, and it was fun to listen to some of the locals performing live music down by the water! On the way back to our hotel we stopped at Abe’s on Lincoln to grab a beer (the inside is covered in patrons’ renditions of Honest Abe on napkins) and walked through Colonial Park Cemetery so I could snag a few pictures. I love photographing old cemeteries!

LSS Savannah River Street
LSS Abe's on Lincoln Savannah
LSS Colonial Park Cemetery Savannah

Once we freshened up at the hotel, we walked over to Artillery - a restored landmark in downtown Savannah that offers a unique cocktail experience! Both the interior and exterior are absolutely stunning, and do keep in mind they have a dress code. Each table or booth has its own call button, allowing your server to give you privacy until you request them. We both enjoyed a delicious Old Fashioned here!

Laura Swan Sieckman Savannah
LSS Artillery Savannah

 After cocktails, we walked over to Oglethorpe Square to start our planned Ghost Tour with T.C. from Genteel & Bard. We had SO much fun, and T.C. couldn’t be nicer. The unique thing about their tour is that there are never any awkward silences, because they offer you earbuds that allow you to listen to your guide even if you are walking a ways behind them. And, I loved how T.C. played to the wide range of ages in our group and kept us all engaged! The tour took us to a ton of haunted spots throughout Savannah and T.C. shared his personal ghost stories as well. If you are standing anywhere in the downtown, you are likely standing over a grave! Many of the hotels and Airbnb rentals are known to have spooky stories, too!

LSS Husk Savannah Genteel + Bard Ghost Tour
LSS Savannah Genteel + Bard Ghost Tour

 After the tour, we stopped at Green Fire Pizza – a delicious indoor/outdoor organic, Neapolitan pizzeria. We split a Caesar Salad and their 12” Quatro Carne Pizza and we devoured it so quickly that I didn’t even snag a picture! Once we were full, we walked across the street to McDonough’s for a couple of beers and listened to some hilarious karaoke. It was a fun way to end our day! 

LSS Savannah Coffee Roasters


Our morning was pretty much identical to the day before with a visit to Savannah Coffee Roasters (yum!), some laptop time, a quick workout, and shower.  Around lunch we walked down to the waterfront to snag a spot on one of Savannah’s Riverboat Cruises! We opted to do the 1.5 hour cruise, but buffet lunch options on the boat are also available. If you just want a snack and a drink, there’s a bar on the top level of the boat serving both! The cruise taught us a lot about the trade in Savannah, we got to see dolphins and watch a live Civil War cannon demonstration, and it was so fun being out on the water for a bit!

LSS Savannah Riverboat Cruise

Once we were back on land, we headed over to the American Prohibition Museum at the City Market. If you like history or cocktails, you’ll have a blast here! Admission is $15 for an adult and you’ll be able to stroll through the museum at your own pace. Towards the end, visit their very own Speakeasy inside offering traditional Prohibition-era cocktails! You’ll also get a laugh at a two-sided mirror you didn’t know was there. You can save a few bucks by buying drink tickets ahead of time at the entrance!

LSS Savannah American Prohibition Museum
LSS Savannah American Prohibition Museum
Laura Swan Sieckman Savannah

 After our afternoon adventures, we stopped back at our hotel briefly before heading out for the evening. We heard some “interesting” stories about Husk on our ghost tour with T.C. from Genteel & Bard, so we made this our first stop for a pre-dinner drink! The interior is massive and we loved sitting at the large bar upstairs. To Ryan’s delight and my dismay, nothing spooky happened, lol. 

LSS Husk Savannah
LSS Husk Savannah

Up next was a visit to the Starland District. This was a little far for walking, so we opted to UBER. We stopped at The Vault for some amazing sushi (this spot is an old bank!), then walked over to Atlantic (an old gas station!) for a drink. Both spots were so fun and new restaurants and bars are popping up all over this neighborhood. At the Vault, we ordered the Tuna Tartare, Spicy Korean BBQ Tacos, California Roll, and the Mexican Roll. At Atlantic, I ordered a Pinot Noir and Ryan ordered their Century - with bourbon, fig, lemon, and mint!

LSS The Vault Savannah
LSS The Vault Savannah Sushi
LSS The Vault Savannah Sushi
LSS Atlantic Savannah

We wrapped up our night with a visit to Six Pence Pub (which gave us a little excitement for our upcoming trip to Europe) and then a drink at one of the coolest dive bars I’ve even been to - The Original Pinkie Masters! They have great drink prices, crazy bathrooms, and limited seats at this famous bar. Just don’t order the local shot - Fernet-Branca. Everyone in Savannah seems to love it, but I couldn’t get behind the cough syrup and motor oil taste!

LSS Six Pence Pub Savannah


 Our flight didn’t leave until later in the afternoon, so we were able to take advantage of seeing even more in Savannah on our last day! We checked out at the front desk of our hotel and they were kind enough to hold our bags while we were out. We started with a cold beer and a fun take on “nachos” at Treylor Park, located near River Street. Their Nachos Grande is actually fried chicken, pickles, bacon, cheddar cheese, chive ranch, and balsamic over waffle frees and it’s absolutely AMAZING. Ryan and I (nearly) killed the entire plate.

LSS Treylor Park Savannah
LSS Treylor Park Savannah Nachos Grande

 Afterwards we toured through Bonaventure Cemetery (about a ten-minute UBER ride), which was incredibly beautiful. Some people might think cemeteries are creepy (and I’ll give it to you, some are), but some of them are just stunning! I particularly love those in the south or on the east coast as they have the most history and charm. Stop by the main building at the gate for a free map of the cemetery (it is massive – get the map haha) and head out! We spent about an hour and a half here before heading back.

LSS Bonaventure Cemetery Savannah

Funny story: on the way back, our UBER was a TESLA! Ryan and I had never been in a Tesla before and their door handles are different, so take a minute to picture Ryan and I both standing helplessly on both sides of the car, not sure how to get in. Our driver was laughing with us and we finally figured it out. Afterwards, we snuck in a few more minutes relaxing on the riverfront before we snagged our bags at the hotel and headed to the airport.

LSS Savannah Staircase

 We had SO much fun on our trip to Savannah and we cannot wait to go back. This is one spot that Ryan and I both agree we could see ourselves living one day! From the historic scenery and Spanish moss to the incredible food and relaxed, welcoming vibe - it was fantastic. A big thank you to Visit Savannah for guiding us to the best activities and attractions during our stay!